Ten Breakable Habits

to creating a remarkable presentation

Are you ready to break the ten habits that stand between you and a remarkable presentation? 

Presentation design can make or break the clear communication of your message. Here's an easy guide to ten common habits presenters make, how to break them, and ten good habits to take their place. 

Ten Breakable Habits is now available on Amazon and other publishers at this link with discounts for multiple copies and free shipping for purchases of ten or more.

"I fully expect presenters at every level will enjoy reading and learning from the observations and improvements outlined in these chapters. Your message will become clearer, the content more meaningful, and the entire communication process more valuable and enjoyable for both you and your audience."
                                    - from the foreword by author and international speaker Malcolm Fry

- a portion of the proceeds from every book purchase is donated to ic stars, a grassroots technology training program for inner-city young people. Hear the ic stars story here.